About us

The Dharma Movie Project Foundation was established by the Diamond Way Buddhism Association of the Karma Kagyu Lineage in August 2011. We produce documentary films about Buddhism, with particular consideration to the history of Diamond Way Buddhism in the West as well as the history of the life and activity of contemporary Diamond Way masters.

The project was founded to raise awareness through films of the presence of living Buddhism in our Western culture. Films are the most effective way to bring Buddhism closer to a wide audience and to provide high quality educational materials for universities and higher education institutions. The Foundation also archives video materials collected over the last 30 years since Diamond Way Buddhism came to the West. Within Poland, we document on an ongoing basis important Buddhist events and courses on an ongoing basis in order to preserve for future generations a full record of this critical time – when Buddha’s teachings reached and settled in Western culture. This is an historical event unprecedented in the history of our civilisation.

The Foundation objectives:
* documenting the achievements and heritage of the Buddhist culture in the West and in the East
* documenting the history of Buddhism, in particular documenting the history of the spread of Buddhism in the West
* supporting film and photographic arts related to Buddhism
* supporting the statutory activity of the Diamond Way Buddhism Association of Karma Kagyu Lineage

How to support FDMP?

The title of transfer should include the word “donation”.

Bank Zachodni WBK
PLN 28 1090 1362 0000 0001 1737 8893
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ul. Ożarowska 65 / 67
01-408 Warszawa
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Managment Board:

Marcin Duda
Tomasz Barudin

Supervisory Board:

Mirosława Boboli
Wojciech Tracewski
Karol Ślęczek


Klaudia Żerebiec
Mira Starobrzańska
Marzena Zając
Hubert Bramowicz

Szymon Makurat
Izabela Harmoza
Piotr Kronka
Filip Cieślak

Bogna Blatkowska
Adam Klukowski
Sangha Malbork